Success Stories

Juana Rendon

This past spring, Juana Rendon went to the ER with complaints of swelling in her legs, hallucinations, labored breathing, altered mental status, and severe hypercapnia. Tests found that Juana had high levels of carbon dioxide and a very low level of oxygen in her blood…

Cesar Mata

Mr. Cesar Mata is a 69-year-old, retired labor worker and father of six who lives in the Laredo community. Mr. Mata was recently taken to a local acute care facility complaining of shortness of breath and lower leg swelling. Upon arrival at the emergency department, he required emergent intervention. Mr. Mata was also connected to […]

Strokes – Women Take the Lead

In the battle of the sexes, here’s one that women – often unknowingly – take the lead in: About 55,000 more women than men have strokes every year. Strokes kill more women than men annually, making it the #3 leading cause of death in women. Most people don’t realize that women suffer strokes more frequently […]

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